A long while ago, when I got my first Raspberry Pi 3Bs, I was searching on the internet for projects worth trying out on my devices. Ironically, I found tons of projects, but what felt like 90% of the ones presented were pure boredom or some of the cooler ones were repeated so much, I could be sure that anyone with a Raspberry Pi replicated that project already. I wanted something very interesting, special and uncommon. Another thing that hopped to my mind when looking at all those projects was that even when they were using a Raspberry Pi 3B (the most powerful Raspi created at that point of time), people were using it only for a single project, even if it was e.g. only hosting a lightweight web server. Then I thought to myself - coming from an environment with only a single monster computer but a lot of computers from 20 years ago - why waste so much power for only a single purpose? Then I became interested in running several applications on a single Raspberry Pi 3B, simultaneously. Of all the projects related to Raspis and similar hardware, I didn’t find one real project concerned with running several applications on a single device. Apparently, nobody was interested in finding the true power or the true limitations of this super small single board computer.

Now, after a long while, I have done a lot of tinkering with my Raspis and I have big plans on the one hand while I already have a lot of things running on the other hand, considering I am the only real user of those. As already mentioned, I didn’t find a single person who tried to use their Raspi to the limit besides just running 1 compute-intensive application, instead of many lightweight ones that run well, simultaneously, on a single device. Therefore, I decided to describe a little of what I achieved, what I am running, and how it works, maybe even how I got it to work, if it required special actions. To make it even more precise and interesting, I will at first focus on what I achieved with the weakest Raspberry Pi to date, the Raspberry Pi 0 W.

Raspberry Pi 0 W

1. List of applications running

  • wsgiDAV - A lightweight DAV server. Backup server for a lot of apps.
  • Mumble i.e. murmur as the server part - A lightweight, encrypted voice chat, made primarily for gamers.
  • EteSync - Syncing contacts, calendars and tasks.
  • Selfoss - Multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application.
  • reprepro - For my own Debian APT repository.
  • fiche - CLI based pastebin alternative.

i. Soon to be added

Performance issues? What performance issues? Yes, all this can run on a single core 1Ghz 512MB RAM Raspberry Pi 0 W. No performance issues, at all. It’s still quite quick for the weakest Raspi available.